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Chili Appreciation
Society International, Inc.
501(c)(3) Corporation

Greetings: My name is Jim Stateczny, and I am the curator and creator of the Virtual Museum of CASI History. One might ask why anyone would go to the trouble of creating a museum for an organization that appears to simply sanction chili cookoffs all over the United States? There are also a few cookoffs that are held outside of the country. The truth of the matter is that the evolution of chili cooking, initially in the State of Texas, has been quite interesting. What transpired, primarily between 1975 and 1995, is a story all in itself. The monthly Terlingua Trails, which is the official monthly newspaper of CASI, is also a great source of information. The museum holds every edition of the Terlingua Trails that was ever printed. We have also accumulated quite a collection of articles that came from our members, the internet, and some well-known magazines. I certainly hope that you enjoy browsing through the museum, which occupies approximately 10 GB of disk storage. We are also quite proud of the amount of money we raise for charity. In addition to our national scholarship program, we have donated funds to local charities, such as school districts, fire departments, EMS, etc. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or any possible contributions you might want to give to the museum, please Click Here to send me an email.